Why Use Funnelll?

Because Google Analytics alone is no longer enough

Funnelll tracks your customer journeys, creates easy-to-use dashboards, and allows you to ask questions in natural language around your marketing performance across all channels.

No coding, integration, or data science needed!

14-day free trial. No credit card needed.
Add to your marketing stack2

Conversion Tracking Made Simple

Track meaningful actions customers take on your website as they progress through their buying journey

No Coding Needed

Data security

Track Page Views, Clicks, and Scrolls

Add the Funnelll code to your website to automatically track page views, clicks, and scrolls 

  • Works Cross-domains
  • Single Page Application ready
  • Automatically syncs data with Google Analytics

Track actions

Distribute Data Across Your Marketing Stack

Set up once then copy your tracking across your marketing stack with 2 clicks

Send Events from Google Analytics to: 

  • Facebook Pixel / Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Slack, Quora, Captera, and more

Get The Insights Your Business Needs

Funnelll brings your data together, removes inconsistencies, and gives you the tools to maximize the ROI on your marketing budget

No Data Science Needed


Ask Questions, Get Answers and Insights

Ask questions about your marketing performance in natural language. 

Funnelll answers questions about:

  • Customer Journeys
  • Channel and Campaign performance
  • Location performance by Country and City

Insights dashboard

Visualize Your Customers' Journeys

Analyze users across a series of actions. See how many people start or finish a sequence — and where they drop off. View data about:

  • Device Performance across stages
  • Page performance by stage
  • Marketing Performance by stage

Bring Your Data Together

Funnel dashboard
14-day free trial. No credit card needed.

Get More Out of Google Analytics with Funnelll

Funnelll gives your Google Analytics account enterprise features

  • Tag Management

    Swipe to install Google Analytics on your website or use our backend tracking with your existing installation

  • Cross Domain Tracking

    Funnelll automatically tracks customers across different domains, keeps their session and attribution data

  • No-code Tracking

    Track customer events and conversions without adding additional code to your website

  • SPA Ready

    Funnelll works with your Single Page Application websites out of the box. No extra handling needed

  • Rich Integrations

    Merge data from Google Analytics with your marketing stack like Search Console, Google and Facebook Ads

  • Distribute Data

    Distribute events reported by Google Analytics to Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, and Slack with a click of a button

  • Low Overhead

    Tiny tracking code (<65kb) that is optimized to perform on all browsers and devices

  • Intuitive Dashboards

    Designed to allow business users to quickly identify what works so you can get more out of your marketing budget

Why use Google Analytics with Funnelll

Funnelll helps you get actionable insights from your data on how to increase sales.

Ga icon

Google Analytics


Google Analytics + Funnelll

Conversion goals
Integrate with other Google tools
Integrate with other non-Google tools
Build funnels
eCommerce Only
Campaign optmizations
No-code event tracking
Attribution support
Cross Domain Tracking
Requires Coding
14-day free trial. No credit card needed.

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Facebook Pixel3 min setup

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Say Goodbye to Wasted Marketing Budgets

 Get the Most out of Google Analytics with Funnelll. Identify what works, cut everything else and take your conversion rate optimization game to the next level