Google AdsGoogle Ads
(formerly Google AdWords)

 Optimize your Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) to drive conversions and sales instead of impressions or clicks 

The easiest way to add Google Ads to your marketing stack

Get data from your website and marketing stack into Google Ads and Funnelll's Dashboard in minutes. Identify winning and losing ads and keywords with ease

No coding, integration, or data science needed!

Add to your marketing stack

Get More Out of Google Ads With Funnelll

Import Funnelll's no-code Google Analytics conversions To unlock Google's most powerful features and smart bidding strategies

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    Swipe to link your Google Ads account (supports MCC)

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    Get the data needed to unlock advanced campaign objectives

    Maximize Conversions, Maximize Conversion Value, Target Cost Per Action (CPA), and Target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
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    Get the data from Google Ads, as well as your other ad platforms, in one dashboard

Why Use Google Ads With Funnelll

Funnelll helps you identify winning and losing campaigns, and gives you actionable insights on how to increase sales


Google Ads


Google Ads + Funnelll

No-code Event Tracking
View Conversions
Google Ads Only
Copy existing tracking from Google Analytics
Compare Google Ads performance to Facebook Ads


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Propagate CRM events to your marketing stack. Understand which marketing activities drive your sales. 

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Set up Slack notifications from your website and marketing stack. Stay on top of your business at all times.


Hotjar30 sec setup

Add Hotjar to your stack. Understand your users' experience through session recordings and heatmaps

Get the Most out of Your Google Ads

Funnelll's no-code tracking and integrations frees your marketing and technical teams so they can do what they do best  

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