There is a recipe for successful online businesses

Companies and teams can waste up to 60% of their time building non-differentiating features that exists in every online product and still not get the recipe right !
Implementing common functionalities like registration, payment, analytics and marketing tools integration, among many more, is a thing of the past. Funnelll takes those off your hands.

Hit the right targets every time

Funnelll allows you to discover the services from top market providers you can use for every aspect of your website through out your journey.
From building the product to acquiring customers to tuning your sales funnel to increase sales, Funnelll helps you bring those services together. No further coding or integration needed!

Bring your team together

Invite your teams, across all functions, to collaborate on Funnelll and see your business take off.
Funnelll takes away the barrier preventing non-technical staff from effectively and quickly contributing to your business. Ship your products faster with Funnelll.


Accept Payments

Design payment plans and accept payments from top payment providers directly on your site

Engage customers

Start a conversation with your customers directly from your site

Manage Marketing effectively

Manage, Track and evaluate your marketing activities and how they contribute to your business goals

Improve Conversions

Re-engage customers who didn't convert. Reach new customers with high potential to convert.

Get Notifications

Set user events to trigger notifications when they happen over Slack

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How it works

One time installation. Add the Funnelll Script to your pages. This is the only time you need to make changes to your code. Funnelll will manage feature installations and behaviours for you without you making any additional changes.
Discover and setup services from our catalog to address each stage of your sales funnel.
Funnelll handles the installation and injects the functionality right to your website. No coding needed.

Setup functionalies such as registration and payment forms visually on your site. Funnelll will inject the behavior to your website so you don't have to.
Funnelll handles integrations between the different services to help you tune your sales funnel according to best practises and get end to end visibility of your business performance.

You're catching us at a good time!

Currently, We are absolutely free! We'll even throw in a 50% discount on all your future plans in return for your feedback and suggestions on our service

Early Adopters' Perks

  • Priority features - We'll priotrize the features your business needs
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  • Did we mention you will get 50% discount off all our future plans?

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