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Funnelll brings your data together, removes inconsistencies, and gives you the tools to maximize the ROI on your marketing budget


Ask questions in plain English, get answers and insights

Ask questions about your marketing performance in plain English with supporting data just a click away
Funnelll answers questions about:

  • Customer Journeys
  • Channel and Campaign performance
  • Location performance by Country and City

Get Insights
Channel Performance


Visualize Your Customers' Journeys on Your Website

Analyze users across a series of actions. See how many people start or finish a sequence — and where they drop off. Get access to data about:

  • Device Performance across stages
  • Page performance by stage
  • Marketing Performance by stage
And More...
Johannes @ Leadsie
Johannes Radig, CEO @ Leadsie

It is amazing how easy Funnelll makes it to answer questions about my campaigns' performance and how they drive customer actions on my website


Conversion Tracking Made Simple

Track meaningful actions customers take on your website as they progress through their buying journey. Distribute high-quality data throughout your marketing stack


Automatically Track Page Views, Clicks, and Scrolls or Set Up Your Custom Tracking Visually

Add the Funnelll code to your website to automatically track page views, clicks, and scrolls

  • Works Cross-domains
  • Single Page Application ready
  • Automatically syncs data with Google Analytics

No-code tracking
Apps & Integrations


3 Clicks to Distribute Your Customers' Data And Events Across Your Marketing Stack

Set up once then copy your tracking across your marketing stack with 3 clicks. Send Events to:

  • Facebook Pixel / Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Slack, Quora, Captera, and more ...
Jordan @ Burstware
Jordan B, CEO @ Burstware

Funnelll makes it dead simple to setup and track your marketing funnel, I have not seen anything like it. I didn't have to dig through klunky interfaces and keep track of multiple tags on my website

Say Goodbye to wasted marketing budgets

✓ Measure what matters
✓ Visualize customer journeys
✓ Answer your questions
14 day free trial. No credit card needed.
Greg @ Shuttlefare
Making conversion tracking simple

I like the ease of setting up conversion goals. The dashboard and analytics look great

Philip S, Founder
Great way to collect everything

When you do run different marketing campaigns and you want to create an overview of all your campaigns in one place, then Funnelll is an awesome software

Carlos U, Founder @ Ablaze Digital
Great Tracking Integration Platform

If you are into conversion tracking. This tool is going to save you a lot of time